4 Fun Ways to Get Engaged

Engagement itself is of course a special time and a transitional step when it comes to finally getting married. A lot of people wonder about how they could ask their loved one to marry them. As a result, there are a couple of unique methods that you could try that are both funny and romantic. It is time to forget about the cliched “hiding the engagement ring in a cupcake”. There are even better methods out there that can also be quite entertaining at the same time.

The Bottom of a Cup

There are special mugs that you can buy (or order online) that will contain messages at the bottom. You could get a mug designed that says “Will You Marry Me?” at the bottom, and then serve a drink to your loved one. The trick here is of course getting them to actually drink the entire drink and making sure that they are able to see the bottom. While this is a tricky way of getting engaged, it is certainly a fun and entertaining one.

The Jewelry Box

This is a great option for those who have partners that keep jewelry boxes or wear a regular ring as a part of their style. When your partner goes to bed and takes off her ring, you can replace the ring with the engagement ring that you have bought. This is undoubtedly going to cause a stir, and can be an excellent surprise for her to wake up to in the morning. Engagement rings themselves are even better when they’re made from something like princess cut diamonds.

Say it With Food

If you have a partner that loves food, then you could get a baker to write your proposal on a cake. The baker will then be able to display this in their shop window. All you need to do is make sure that you and your partner do a bit of window shopping so that she sees it.


If you decide to propose during the winter time, then you can write your proposal on the frost of her car. This is a fun and cute way to propose and is also one that will cost you very little.

When you get engaged, you will of course want to make sure that your loved one gets the perfect engagement ring.